Set of Researches about Proper Nutrition Plan

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Proper Nutrition_ The Key for Better Life!Hey guys! You are visiting the website devoted to many different health issues including aspects of nutrition. It is a known fact that proper nutrition is the key element in living a healthy and bright life. The staff of Bend Pill Box picked up the most significant researches relating to the proper nutrition and how it can influence human life.

Research #1: Harvard researchers insist on incorrect U.S. government’s MyPlate pattern

Harvard Health Publishing, in cooperation with experienced experts at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has announced about disagreement with the Eating plate offered by U.S. government. They claim that MyPlate (a name of an eating plan) cannot satisfy all the needs of consumers who for example, have not been informed about the benefit of whole grains or what is the difference between potatoes and other vegetables. The Harvard scientists cannot agree with the offered suggestions on how the American should have meals. You may get acquainted with the offered by the Harvard University Eating plate here.

Research #2: The Harvard University Proves The Correct Diet To Prevent Many Chronic Diseases

The scientists from Harvard University make a stress on the diet which may prevent many different chronic diseases. They stress out the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet which may prevent the development of many different diseases. One more effective diet is the DASH diet. So if you want to get to know more aspects of these two diets you are welcome to read their opinion on this aspect of proper nutrition.

Research #3: Development of a Chinese Healthy Eating Index

We have grappled with the plan of Chinese Healthy Eating Index. The main aim of such a program is to develop the well-balanced eating plan which will help Chinese follow the nutrition regimen. Every person has a desire to work out their own well-balanced and proper nutrition plan but the government tries to work out the whole list of possible products necessary to feel well, eat healthy products and avoid chronic diseases which may develop on the background of the absence of this or that element.

Research #4: about Policy Framework for Healthy and Equitable Eating

If your nutrition regimen is poor there is a high risk to suffer from non-communicable diseases. It is necessary to find the balance for your body to get all the minerals and constituents for better organism performance. has published an article expressing how the regimen should be changed to perform in a better way. Read this article and find out what you should add to your nutrition plan.

Sum Up

Our staff believes these researches will help you understand how important it is to follow the proper nutritional regimen. All the minerals play its own role in our organism performance that’s why they are mandatory to enter our body. If you cannot enrich your body with minerals and microelements in a natural way you are welcome to consult a doctor and get to know how to supply your body with them.

Nowadays, there are a lot of herbal supplements which may help accomplish your body not damaging the overall health condition. It is very important. You may ask what is an herbal supplement. Bend Pill Box will explain it to you. Herbal supplements are substances containing many different vitamins, herbals, minerals. The purpose of using herbal supplements is to supplement regular food as needed and to provide the necessary nutrients or other substances in a concentrated form. Supplements are sold in solid doses (for example, capsules, tablets, sachets) or in a package that allows you to use measured small quantities of the product (for example, a bottle with a solution, portion powders).

The composition of dietary supplements may include:

  • vitamins (vitamin A);
  • minerals (iron, magnesium);
  • nutrients (amino acids, fatty acids);
  • substances of physiological action (plant extracts, yeast spores, lactic acid bacteria).

Finally, we offer you various means on how to improve your nutrition plan. Choose the most suitable for you and start to improve your balance. We cannot choose the method instead of you but we may guarantee you will find your own way how to improve your health and avoid chronic diseases. The main aspect is to follow the balanced diet, physical exercises and the way to enjoy life. We hope this article is useful and meaningful. We are glad to read more about our team and visit our website.

Set of Researches about Proper Nutrition Plan